Dear fans,

As you know I am a refugee from Iran. I now live in Ex-Nazi Germany. And I have a huge crush on Anne Frank, the beautiful eternal Jewish girl.

This is where I believe my affection for her comes from. There are two types of people: The ones that don't need full information about a certain topic to form their opinion versus the ones that have strong perceptive skills and are truly open-minded.

The first type I like to call "The J's", deriving from the adjective "judgemental". I prefer to ignore these people and exclude them from my life, but that's a different story.

The second type I like to call my beloved ones, my dearests, my friends.

Like Anne. Anne was a deeply apprehensive person who reacted to the nastiest, most unfair suffering thrown upon her with incomprehensible sensibility and the most poignant sense of humor that literature or perhaps mankind has ever witnessed. She owned the ability to understand the immeasurable suffering that was thrown upon her instinctively, without the need for pretentiously conscious bullshit reasoning. Intuitively. Like me.

She was highly emotional, a sentimentalist, a person with deep feelings. Like me.

She loved herself more than she loved any other person. She trusted herself more than she trusted the idiots in her life. Just like me.

I have the exact same characteristics. It is easy for everyone to love Anne Frank because she is beautiful. And it is easy for me to love myself. Because I'm beautiful. I define myself as the free, male, modern, Persian Anne Frank. That's why I recorded this song and made this video. Now I am sharing it with you, dear fans. Feel free to enjoy this little smash hit.

P.S. I fucking love you, Anne!

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Everybody is lame. Superlame. You are lame. I am lame. He, she, it is lame. We are lame.

We have not always been lame. We were not born lame. We have become lame. Somewhere on the way. Why? Because the way is lame. It's a lame way that we are going.

Here is the proof: Just open your facebook and check your news feed. Aren't 9 of the 10 most recent posts lame? Yes they are, huh? You see? We are lame. Life is lame. Politics are lame. Love is lame. Sex is lame. Your parents are lame. School is lame. Your job is lame. Music is lame and the least lame band in the history of music is... of course, Pink Floyd.


Our band is called LAME FLOYD and we fight lameness with lameness. Our first song is called "Another Lame In The Wall." Try to enjoy!






Sina Khani thanks Sadra Hemati, Jo Luijten, Veras Fawaz, Stefan Marbus, Sara Mathiasson, Gover Meit, Vava Dudu (shoes), Bos&Lanting (shoes), Paul Groot, Chiron Holwijn & Ziggo TV



Hi, my name is Sina Khani. I am 33 years old and I'm a refugee from Iran. At the moment I live in Germany, where I try to work as a freelance contemporary singer. But job opportunities are rare for a tenor with my vocal range. So I work in an animal shelter instead.

I am fed up with being hurt by girls, so I try my luck with animals. I have many pets. I love to kiss them on the mouth and I love making love to them by rotating my tongue on top of their tongues. I can lick my dogs all day long. Especially in these cold European winter days.

In this video you see my dog "Wowzer". She is an old lady, almost 12 years old and we are together since exactly 5 years. I found her when I was making holidays in Florence, Italy. (Birthplace of renaissance). She is so cute. In particular when she just shuts up and chills out with me. My songs in the back and my bongs in the front. By the way: I am not so much into cats. They're so arrogant. But that's another story.

Sometimes I dream of talking to Wowzers on the phone, that's why I recorded this song. I hope you like it. It's called "Hot Dog Bling". So long, everybody!


Eternally yours,



Courtesy of Blowpipe Records

The Aristocrats joke in German.

Check out the audience's reaction. LOL.


Video produced by Steven A. Bos from

Intro and outro music by Logosamphia

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"The Aristocrats" (also known as "The Debonaires" or "The Sophisticates" in some tellings) is a taboo-defying dirty joke that has been told by numerous stand-up comedians since the vaudeville era. Over time it has evolved from a clich├ęd staple of vaudevillian humor into a postmodern anti-joke. Steven Wright has likened it to a secret handshake among comedians, and it is seen as something of a game in which those who tell it try to top each other in terms of shock value. It is thought of as a badge of honor among expert comedians and is notoriously hard to perform successfully. It is rarely told the same way twice, often improvised.


Not in my case, though. Lol.

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Sina Khani, 36 years old, male, Irano-German, based in Amsterdam, Bochum & Berlin, is an ex-artist, ex-comedian, ex-talkshow host and currently focusing solely on his solo music career as singer and composer.


Dancers: Carina Erdmann, Tamara Gladys, Alice Pons, Suzanne Stavast, Kristien Sonnevijlle, Alkisti Theophilou & Mariangela Tinelli.

Composition/Music by Logosamphia


Video by Ali Eskandarzadeh


Thank you: Zu Browka, Retro In- en Outstyles, Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Bos&Lanting & Inspector Casino for borrowing us his Moroccan banjo.

Harry Merry & Aynouk Tan on The Sina Khani Show #1


The Sina Khani Show is a talk show look-alike kind of show that fakes diverse elements from classical American late night entertainment, but turns them into something... eh... else.


Sina Khani is the new David Letterman. Without the budget, without the connections and without the humor. So please enjoy The Sina Khani Show.


It consists of super-charismatic guests, historical interviews, some smart but silly jokes, a huge sidekick, a show band called "The Khanis", great DJ's, terrible VJ's, maybe food, drinks for sure, chicks for sure, a camera team and a very sober host.