Sina Khani is an Iranian born, German based ex-artist and ex-comedian who decided to take on a musical career producing his own brand of off beat pop music. He has recently released his single 'Shrek' and has a string of other singles planned in the near future. Tomatrax caught up with Sina to ask a few questions and then let his responses go whether the momentum carried him!


What made you decide to give up being an artist and comedian to become a musician?


My love for quitters and my love for quitting things in general. A friend of mine used to have a parrot that he'd bought in Jamaica and smuggled into Germany. This parrot once stopped being a parrot. Just stopped. We always said: This parrot stopped parroting. In Persian it sounds even more brilliant, brillianter: In tutie dige tutui nemikone. Fascinating. So I stopped being a comedian and an artist. Her name was Layla. As in Eric. Not my friend, but the bird. My friend's name is Rüdiger. German name, but he is black. Like really black. I paid him 120 Euros to paint my kitchen and my bedroom last week, yes material costs included. He hasn't called me since and I can't reach him. But that's a different story and doesn't belong here. Unless you want to know more about Rudi. Oh Rudi. If you read this, just call me. It's all fine. Let the 120 Euros not get between you, me and or our friendship. It's not true what Vanessa said. You can keep her stuff. Just cut off the price tag. And call me. Don't be childish.


You’ve just put out your first single, 'Shrek', what's it like to have it out?


It's intense. It's lovely. I wake up every morning with a huge smile on my face. And then I cry tears of joy. Haha. A bit like when Germany screwed Brazil in the World Cup. 7:1. Happiest day of my life. But that is football and doesn't belong into a music magazine. I'm sorry. I drifted. But wait, I just heard an interesting joke about that match. A German guy walks into a bar. He has a first date with a pretty Brazilian woman. The lady says: "Hey, listen. Can we please not talk about the 7:1?" The German guy: "OK. What else shall we talk about?" The Brazilian lady: "How about sex?" The German guy: "Ok, sure. We. Fucked. You. Really. Hard." Haha. Horrible joke. Yet, it makes me cry. Just like 'Shrek'. The song, not the films.


What was the inspiration behind the video for 'Shrek'?


My ex-girlfriends. ALL of them. I once threw a party and invited all of my ex-girls that were in town that night. Like four or five of them. It was a social experiment. No hidden cameras, no other guys, no other women. Just me and them. And some drops of liquid ecstasy and LSD in the so called "grapefruit juice bowl". But none of them showed up. So I ended up drinking that stuff on my own and watching Shrek 1 & 2 synchronized into German, because it ran on TV that evening. The rest is history: Shrek walked out of the TV frame with really weird, fast and tiny steps and impersonated my ex's while being embodied as them. In case that's good English you should know what I mean.

If not, then just read between the lines of the lyrics. We had a good laugh that night, Shrek and I. A few days later I ran into Mahshaddian filmmaker Ali Eskandarzadeh at the Dirk 3 booze store and asked him if he wants to make a video for that song. After that I recorded the song which by the way is inspired by Cracksmurf's "Sippin On A Smurf" and Lil Wayne's "Me & My Drank". The end result is of course far away from anything that has to do with Shrek. Oh Shrek. What an ogre.


In making the song, you used an 80s Yamaha synthesizers, and no computers until the mastering stage. What made you decide to make the music this way?


I didn't make the music. Logosamphia did. That's the Diplo of Dordrecht South. I don't know exactly HOW he did it. I asked him a few times but didn't understand the answer. Way too scientific for me. I think it's a strong piece of sound. Kind of timeless, yet not, yet yes, yet wow. Sorry, can I take this call? Ah fuck it. It's my landlord. Guess what she wants. Haha. Female landlords. Jesus. They're something else, man. Most of my landlords have been female in my life. And I've moved a LOT. Changed apartments like 12 times in Amsterdam. Crazy city. Lived there for 10 years. Good weed. Horrible hard drugs. Fishy dealing system. Run by Dutch-Moroccon mafia. You can quote me on the following: "Never trust a criminal Arab." Great wisdom. As funny as smart if you think about it. I came up with it myself. I don't do drugs anymore. The whole art scene is infected. Incesteral and coke-addicted and greedy. Financially. Not artistically. You can't have a conversation about anything until somebody starts to talk funding after like five minutes. Painful to witness. It was so much fun when I used to live there. Wine, beer, talent and MiniDV camcorders. 3 CCD. Stable uppers. Best combination ever. Jesus! So stable. Yes, where was I? Logosamphia. He did a good job with those Yamaha's, also with cutting my vocals, up to 5 layers in there. But he himself hates the song. We have different visions on what good and bad is. It's like Jacopo Frankson da Silva Calonaci once said: "I don't do drugs, I never do drugs. Never. So when I do… They're way more fun!!" That's a super-justified metaphor for this whole situation.


When will the follow up song be released?


What are you? A cop? Nah, just joking. I know it's not funny. But it's a joke after all. It's the same thing as with modesty. I think I am the most modest person I know personally. And the most humble one. Why? Because I don't hide behind not-mentioning-my-name ALL THE TIME. I'm all the time like "Sina Khani Sina Khani me me me". I do that because I am critical towards myself. I put my name out there for you people to step on it. To insult and to hate me. I take the risk of being perceived as a self-loving, ego-centric, narcissistic douche-bag asshole son of a bitch. And that makes me humble. Well. Next song will come soon. Working on "Shrek Solo Unplugged" at the moment. Recorded it at Schenk Studios. Lovely studio in Amsterdam by the Ij River. Good guy running it. Jan Schenk from the Hospital Bombers. But I think they quit as a band. I got the connection through Jewish rapper Meitje with whom I recorded "Basì Guhr" for his album "IT TAKES A LOT" which was produced by Shroom in his parents bedroom in one of these Dutch sea-cities that used to be an island or something. Never understood this Dutch water architecture thing. Shroom. What a guy. He has made beats for Busta Rhymes, Common, Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killa and ASAP Rocky. At least that's what he told me. Anyhow I recorded "Shrek Solo Unplugged" at Ij Studios, working on the back vocals at the moment. I also recorded a song called "When Sina Khani Cries" based on Prince's 'When Doves Cry". It's basically the same lyrics exept that I replaced the word "Dove" with "Sina Khani". Yep. That's the type of person I am. And this is my art. Boom. By the way: Fucking Media Markt is illegally selling 'Shrek'. Can you believe that? Totally gonna sue them. Do you know a good lawyer? Good and cheap. Very cheap. Very, very cheap. But good.


How does being a comedian compare with making music?


Nice question. Next!


What's it like to be an Iranian living in Berlin?


I love being an Iranian. Super nice nationality. Great poetry. Strong black tea. Hot climate. Everything you want from a country. And I love Berlin, too. There are the remains of the wall which are amazingly pretty with all the paintings and stuff. Oh my god. Totally not ironic right now. You can buy a falafel in Neukölln for 0,99 Euro. A good one. With 3 types of sauces and salad and free Feta cheese. Plus I live on top of a lesbian bar, which is mostly closed, on the opposite side of the street is a Sunnite mosque next to a Communist Chinese book store. We live in harmony. Peace is in the air. La la la la la la. PACE is in the air. So by putting one and one together. It’s like paradise being an Iranian living in Berlin. Heaven! I imagine it to be like being a Palestinian in Mexico City or something.

What is the music scene in Berlin like?

Bit boring. No, just joking. It's like heaven. Paradise!


Do you ever listen to your own music?


No. That would be selfish. Kidding. Hey. I'm Sina Khani. Of course I listen to my own music. Duuuuhhhhh.


What other music do you listen to?


Just the normal stuff. Harry Merry, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani.


Yeah I know it sucks

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Sina Khani was born 32 years ago in the mysterious country called Iran, but had to leave it during the Gulf War with Iraq. His journey of growing up happened in Bochum, Germany where he learned how to appreciate zauberflauten, beer gardens and lederhosen. From there he could smell the city of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and ended up there to study something that becomes more and more apparently useful; the art of audiovisual arts. When Sina Khani had studied enough he moved to Berlin to work on his legendary live life performances.


We got to know Sina Khani half way, as an established audio visual comedian, artist and host of his very own Sina Khani show, a part of the successful pop formula group 'Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani' and as super fan of the always merry; Harry Merry. But now he informs the media through words that all his precious activities will be on hold. No more pony riding, no more dancing around the clock, and no more time to be spend by Sina Khani on crossword puzzles; this time it’s serious!

Sina Khani will from now on purely focus on his career as a mega pop star!


With his background, his intensive training school of being in front of hostile audiences, being in music groups and the right amount of fresh energy; he is certainly well up for the job of storming the hit parades. He has his plan ready and will score one hit after the other by not focusing on an album, but will give all the attention to high quality video clips! The first potential hit single is ‘Shrek’, an easy to remember name with a vibe that makes everyone who watches it, a bit wet and slippery. A great intention to lick the screen dry with your tongue had come up many times over here when our team watched this spectacle in all its glory.


Smart moves is the thing that kept Sina Khani’s life together, and to team up with megastar producer Logosamphia for this hit has certainly been received with great applause. Sina Khani might not have the golden voice of an angel, but still his tropical appealing trademark sounds are hard to copy material that even superstars like Lady Gaga had envy for. His slender body, his well-groomed face and his excellent dance moves give him the sex appeal that will turn the male diva high up the map of super stardom. Here is his first upcoming song that probably will conquer the world charts in a very rapid speed.


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Weird Pop scheint untertrieben


Sina Khani versucht sich als Sänger. Weird Pop scheint aber seinen Stil nicht ganz zu treffen. Für alle, die gerne alles andere als Mainstream hören wollen.


Sina Khani bezeichnet sich selbst als Ex-Artist und Ex-Comedian. Denn jetzt ist er auf Musik umgestiegen. Ob das so eine gute Idee war, ist jedoch fragwürdig. Wir haben uns seine Debut-Single "Shrek" angehört und auch das Musikvideo dazu genauestens inspiziert. Er selbst beschreibt das Lied "Shrek" als eine Art Weird Pop und damit liegt er auch vollkommen richtig.




Sina ist 32 Jahre alt und wurde im Iran geboren. Aufgewachsen ist er jedoch in Bochum in Deutschland. In seiner ersten Single "Shrek" hat er ein sehr populäres Thema aufgegriffen. Sina singt in diesem Lied über seine verflossenen Liebschaften und über die Liebe, die er wieder verloren hat. Wenn man das aber nicht weiß und nur das Video sieht, dann wäre man wahrscheinlich nie auch nur auf die Idee gekommen, dass es um Liebe geht. Was auch sehr unklar ist, Sina aber explizit betont hat ist, dass er auch über Eifersucht im Mittleren Osten und Leute wie ihn singt.




Vorweg muss man sagen, dass die Produktion des Videos einwandfrei ist, die Darstellung und Aufmachung jedoch etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig und merkwürdig. Wie oben schon erwähnt, geht es in diesem Song um Liebe. Wer sich das Video aber ansieht, wird sich wahrscheinlich denken: Was geht denn da ab?! Anfangs wirkt es wie eine Bollywood Nachahmung, dann wechselt der Schauplatz und man sieht Sina Khani Großteils im Mittelpunkt wie er sich durch Gänge und Räume bewegt. Der Aufbau des Videos wirkt auf den ersten Blick nicht wirklich durchdacht und übersichtlich, obwohl es dennoch sehr gut produziert ist. Man merkt auf alle Fälle, dass es professionell aufgezogen wurde.




Wie Sina es schon sehr treffend beschrieben hat, nämlich als eine Art Weird-Pop, bleibt nicht mehr viel dazu zu sagen. Obwohl Weird-Pop vielleicht noch etwas untertrieben ist. Den Musikstil zu definieren fällt hier nämlich ein wenig schwer. Der Song startet zwar mit einem sehr einfachen Gitarren-Intro das man durchaus dem Genre Pop zuordnen könnte, wird dann aber bald von Sinas Stimme übertönt. Der Text macht nicht wirklich viel her, da er zu meist nur das gleiche singt und immer wiederholt. "Where is my shrek, I can not see no more." Dieses Motiv und diese Zeile ziehen sich durch das ganze Lied und viel anderer Text ist auch nicht zu hören. Auch das musikalische Arrangement ist nicht wirklich the icing on the cake. Sehr einfach gehalten und mit immer wiederkehrenden Elementen ist die Hintergrundmusik des Lieds. Ob es Sinas Absicht war, so anders zu klingen, oder ob er es wirklich cool findet, bleibt dahingestellt. Es wird aber wahrscheinlich nicht dem Geschmack von durchschnittlichen Musikhörern entsprechen. Wenn es sein Ziel war, etwas Anderes und Neuartiges zu schaffen, dann hat er dies wahrlich gekonnt gemeistert. Unter Mainstream fällt er mit dieser Musik jedenfalls keineswegs.


Zie hoe Sina Khani danst en tongt met meisjes in de nieuwe video voor 'Shrek'

Emiel Hoekstra

Noisey Vice NL


En dat terwijl de Iraniër in Amsterdam zingt over aftrekken voor de spiegel.


De Iraans-Duitse ex-cabaretier, ex-performer, ex-artiest Sina Khani woont in Amsterdam en maakt gekke popmuziek samen met zijn producer Logosamphia. Een toffe gast dus.


We zijn dan ook vereerd dat we op Noisey zijn nieuwe video voor het nummer Shrek in première mogen laten gaan. En nee, verwacht nu niet wat knip- en plakwerk aan hoogtepunten uit die ene gelijknamige film. Denk eerder aan Sina Khani - gestoken in een kostuum uit de zeventiende eeuw – dansend door de gangen en keukens van een hotel. Tussendoor zoent hij hier en daar met wat meisjes en zingt hij over aftrekken voor de spiegel. Bekijk de video, geregisseerd door Ali Eskandarzadeh, hierboven. Shrek is het eerste nummer van zijn debuutalbum dat binnenkort op Blowpipe Records uitkomt en is nu beschikbaar op Itunes.